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Look at a map of the United States. One of the smallest states is New Jersey. But did you know that New Jersey is the most densely populated state in the union? With such a diverse and relatively numerous population, it would figure that many well-known and some not-as-well-known-but-still-significant individuals can lay claim to being New Jerseyans.

The question is, do they consider themselves New Jerseyans? No matter what they may think ("I'm from New York."), they are New Jersey through and through.

On this site you will find a collection of people born or raised in New Jersey. We also have a section for people who may not have been born here, but, through no fault of their own, are inextricably linked to the Garden State. Don't think of us as "outing" these folks, we Jerseyans are rightly proud of our state, just that we might not say it as often as we should.

Also, we would be much obliged if you can let us know of people we might have missed. This site is definitely considered to be a "work in progress"! Thanks!